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Every week, we will be posting a new blog post about one page website design that helps you to learn what is one page web design and how it can help your business to grow. We also share some best practices when creating one-page websites for different industries and verticals. Our goal with these posts is to provide helpful insights into designing and developing single page Website.

Easiest Way to Duplicate a Page in WordPress
Paul Jackman

How to Duplicate a Page in WordPress? 10+ ways You can do!

To save a lot of time, you need to know how to duplicate a page in WordPress using a plugin or without a plugin on different themes or page builders. One common problem content creators face is that they have to design new content pages repeatedly. It’s not only time-consuming but can also be frustrating.

Paul Jackman

What is the best way to have SEO done for single page websites?

Single Page SEO is a fairly new concept that many SEO specialists have not yet mastered. When you are trying to rank your website in Google, it cannot be easy to do SEO for single page website. SEO for single page websites is not the same as SEO for multi-page websites because it needs to

Page Builder
Paul Jackman

“What’s the best one-page website builder?” – A Comprehensive List.

When it comes to one-page websites, there is a lot of demand out there. The question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you need a website builder at all. One-page sites are easy to create and maintain. If your goal is simply to have an online presence that looks professional and attractive,

Paul Jackman

Host a one-page website in 3 minutes without knowing HTML

In this post, we will discuss how quickly and easily start a one-page site hosted on WordPress. It is perfect for anyone who wants to set up their website without knowing HTML. You don’t need any programming knowledge or web design skills! Is it necessary to know HTML to build a one-page website? No, it

Paul Jackman

What’s The Best Website Platform For Making Simple One Page Website?

The answer is simple: WordPress. It’s the most popular best website platform in the world, and for a good reason. You can create your blog or website with no coding knowledge whatsoever, use an intuitive interface to customize colors and fonts, choose from thousands of free templates or premium themes (or even design your own),

Paul Jackman

One Page Website vs Multiple Pages: What is the Best Strategy?

One of the most hotly debated topics in modern web design is whether to create a one page website or a multi-page website. On one hand, with a one page website you have less work upfront and can concentrate on your conversion rate optimization strategy. On the other hand, with many pages you can cover

Paul Jackman

10 reasons why you should buy one page Fan hosting

Hosting is not just a service that you can buy for your domain name, it’s also a place where you store all of the content for your website. This blog post will cover 10 reasons why you should purchase hosting from us at one page Fan Company. 01 You’ll never have to worry about your

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