Host a one-page website in 3 minutes without knowing HTML

In this post, we will discuss how quickly and easily start a one-page site hosted on WordPress. It is perfect for anyone who wants to set up their website without knowing HTML. You don’t need any programming knowledge or web design skills!
Is it necessary to know HTML to build a one-page website?

No, it is not. It might be essential for you to know HTML if you want to take control of the coding of your website and change things daily, but it’s also possible that knowing HTML can make building websites more complicated than necessary.

WordPress made this easy for us to build a website without knowing HTML coding.

It’s as easy as filling in the blanks for your content. You can insert images, videos, and other media into it with just a few clicks of your mouse button too.

WordPress is all about simplicity when it comes to building websites without knowing HTML coding. Everything on their platform includes step-by-step instructions that are very easy to follow along. The backend interface is also clean and simple, so even someone who has never built a website before can get started right away!

We’re going to show you how we made our one-page business website in less than 3 minutes using WordPress.

What should I need to get started?

If you want to make a one-page website, you will need hosting and a domain. You can build a free website using WordPress without writing HTML by installing a free theme or template.
To get started, you will need a domain name and hosting. Also, you can check this article, how you can purchase domain and hosting.

Here are some services that offer Free domain with every paid purchase Of hosting:
– GoDaddy
– Squarespace (no coding)
– Wix (no coding)

You can then download the theme of your choice from WordPress to start building out an online presence.
After installing the WordPress CMS on your server or host, install one of these themes by clicking “Install.” Once installed, click into content editor mode for further customization.
You can get thousands of free WordPress themes and plugins without paying a single penny.

You can choose from many themes and plugins available online to design it with the WordPress CMS system that is user-friendly and easy to use.

Here is a top Five Free WordPress theme that you can install and use for your one-page website





Here is the top Five Free WordPress plugin that can create the perfect design site without coding knowledge.
Themeforest is a paid WordPress theme site that includes a lot of different themes to choose from. One theme I find incredible is the “One Page Website” template. This package comes with all you need to make your simple website, including fonts, graphics, and even basic WordPress tutorials.
Check out our list of the best ThemeForest themes for a one-page website :
5. One Page Site – View Demo Live Preview
4. Voyeur – View Demo Live Preview
3. Grinoggo Modern Minimalistic Theme – View Demo Live Preview
2. Simplicity One Page Parallax WordPress Theme
1. Truly Parallax Aesthetic Agency WordPress Theme

There are a lot of premium themes on WordPress you can choose from. Here is a list of our favorite 5:
One Page Website Template Package by StudioPress – $59
Elegant One-Page Portfolio WordPress Theme – $89
Creative Agency Landing Page WP Theme -$49

How can you host one page website in 3 minutes?

You already know what you need to create and host web pages, so let’s see how that can be done.

Install WordPress
If you have a cpanel on your hosting service, then locate the one-click WordPress installation. Follow these screenshots

Step 02

Final Steps

Once installed, you can log in and start creating your site with the click of a button.
~The process takes about one minute, which is why it’s called a one-click WordPress install.
With just a few steps, you will be well on your way to hosting your website using WordPress!

Set up a WordPress theme and plugins

The next step is to set up your WordPress theme and plugins.
WordPress comes with a few themes, but you can find thousands more online or in the WordPress app store.
If not, there are two other ways to get started:

01.Installing a premade template (hosting websites)
02. Getting an all-inclusive plugin package from Themeforest, which includes everything needed to create a website, including hosting it on their servers for free (ThemeForest), both methods make it easy enough for beginners without any prior knowledge! All you need do is copy and paste code snippets into specific fields when prompted by the installation

Add your website logo, content, and images.

To set up the theme and plugins, you can easily add logos, content, and images to create pages or blog posts.
The installation and upload process will depend on whether you’re using a free or paid theme.

Go Live!

Have you prepared everything for your site’s launch? Before going live, it is essential to set up the security and SEO plugins. You can check these two articles that will help give you more insight on this topic:

1) How To ensure one page website security 
2) One page Website SEO Tips

You may not need to know HTML or any website coding language if you want a simple one-page website. Luckily, many free and easy-to-use templates will allow you to build your site without knowing how to code. If you’d like help with hosting it, we recommend using WordPress platforms because they have plugins specifically for single-page websites. Have fun building!

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