First Light Studio Project Page

A studio is a place where an artist or other creative professional works. Studio design can be important to the success of these artists, so it’s essential that designers consider how their work will interact with this space from all angles before presenting anything final and ready for production. The designer must take into account what materials are available in order to make sure they’re most appropriate for building out the desired look while also figuring out whether items like heavy machinery might pose any potential hazards if located too close to construction zones or power sources. It may seem daunting at first but there should never be one way forward when designing such critical spaces – exploring different options leads you down unforeseen paths which usually result in better solutions than even your original idea!

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Domain was purchased from


Domain was purchased from


Fully Responsive for Mobile and Tablet PC.


According to GTM, The speed was 85%


They used HTML and CSS to design.

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