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Accessible, mobile-first design inspiration for startups, agencies, and progressive brands. Unlike traditional web design portfolios WordPress themes, this presentation is packed with useful information from developers who are building the future of the Web. Enjoy!

Clean and minimalistic theme. Looking to build a portfolio that looks more like an editorial website? This might be what you’re looking for. It’s super clean and very minimalistic – but still managing to be inviting. Most intriguingly, its homepage features no less than three different scroll jacking techniques to provide visual interest and further promote the work behind it!

We help you find out pretty much everything that powers a website.
We will cover all the technology involved, including hosting, domain names, and content management systems.


Domain was purchased from Namecheap.com


Domain was purchased from Namecheap.com


Fully Responsive for Mobile and Tablet PC.


According to GTM, The speed was 85%


They used HTML and CSS to design.

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