Best One Page Websites

Websites are essential for establishing your online presence. Communicating about your business, selling online, or just being visible, a website can fulfill many communication goals.

To meet these objectives, it is essential to have a website that reflects your image, personalized, that your customers love and that their customers and prospects will appreciate and enjoy the simplicity and ease of use.

The number of one-page sites has increased over the past two to three years. Users should be aware of how much social networking influences their browsing habits since they scroll endlessly through big news feeds, for instance.

A site with only one page is above all ergonomic and very refined. The simplification of the design helps to easily and quickly understand the message (s) transmitted to the user.

This is why it is often used on a showcase site to present a business, product, or service. The Internet user’s journey is based on a page scroll (scrolling the page with the mouse), gradually revealing the site’s different content.

The one-page works very well for mobile media (tablets and smartphones). This solution is ideal for making your page come alive. All of its content is displayed at once, which increases loading time. This can be good for SEO if the time for the page is shortened. On a single page, you will have an easy time optimizing content and keywords.

To keep the content organized, one-page sites are divided into several sections. These sections are accessible: Either by scrolling the page from top to bottom (or sometimes from left to right). This is also one of the characteristics of a one-page site: navigation is done by scrolling and not by click. You access the various contents using your mouse wheel or the browser’s scroll bar.

Either using a menu at the top of the page or, more rarely, on the sides. CSS3 technologies now allow access to different sections of the page without having to scroll. In this way, the Internet user can directly access the information that interests him without clicking on a new page.

Single-page sites are often very qualitative from a design point of view. One-page themes are all relatively recent (the one-page fashion dates back to 2013-2014) and mostly incorporate the latest web technologies: HTML 5, CSS3, etc. Besides being clean and elegant, one-page themes have efficient interactivity and animation elements that manage to blend into the overall design (thanks in particular to the Parallax effect).

Single-page sites are cheaper to develop than multi-page sites because all development work is concentrated on a single page. Opting for a one-page site allows you to have a site with a stunning design for a reasonable price. The one-page format democratizes “beautiful sites.”

Also, a one-page site is an ideal format for continuous improvement. You can make adjustments along the way, even if you don’t have everything planned at the outset.

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