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One Page website is a great way to keep things simple and easy for users. They’re also perfect for small businesses who don’t have the time or resources to maintain their own site. You can get started with one of our templates, or we can build it from scratch for you!

What is one page website?

Websites are essential for establishing your online presence. Communicating about your business, selling online, or just being visible, a website can fulfill many communication goals.

To meet these objectives, it is essential to have a website that reflects your image, personalized, that your customers love and that their customers and prospects will appreciate and enjoy the simplicity and ease of use.

The number of one page sites has increased over the past two to three years. Users should be aware of how much social networking influences their browsing habits since they scroll endlessly through big news feeds, for instance.

A site with only one page is above all ergonomic and very refined. The simplification of the design helps to easily and quickly understand the message (s) transmitted to the user.

This is why it is often used on a showcase site to present a business, product, or service. The Internet user’s journey is based on a page scroll (scrolling the page with the mouse), gradually revealing the site’s different content.

The one-page works very well for mobile media (tablets and smartphones). This solution is ideal for making your page come alive. All of its content is displayed at once, which decreases loading time. This can be good for SEO if the time for the page is shortened. On a single page, you will have an easy time optimizing content and keywords.

To keep the content organized, one page sites are divided into several sections. 

These sections are accessible: Either by scrolling the page from top to bottom (or sometimes from left to right). 

This is also one of the characteristics of a one page site: navigation is done by scrolling and not by click. You access the various contents using your mouse wheel or the browser’s scroll bar.

Either using a menu at the top of the page or, more rarely, on the sides. CSS3 technologies now allow access to different sections of the page without having to scroll. In this way, the Internet user can directly access the information that interests him without clicking on a new page.

Single page sites are often very qualitative from a design point of view. One page themes are all relatively recent (the one page fashion dates back to 2013-2014) and mostly incorporate the latest web technologies: HTML 5, CSS3, etc. Besides being clean and elegant, one page themes have efficient interactivity and animation elements that manage to blend into the overall design (thanks in particular to the Parallax effect).

Single page sites are cheaper to develop than multi-page sites (One Page VS Multi pages)   because all development work is concentrated on a single page. Opting for a one page site allows you to have a site with a stunning design for a reasonable price. The one page format democratizes “beautiful sites.”

Also, a one page site is an ideal format for continuous improvement. You can make adjustments along the way, even if you don’t have everything planned at the outset.

Start building Free one Page website

One Page Fan’s easy-to-use drag & drop builder that lets you create beautiful websites in minutes without having to know how to code. It’s like playing with Lego blocks – but these blocks make awesome websites! Plus, it’s completely free and there are no monthly fees or hidden costs. So what are you waiting for?

One page Free Website design

One Page Fan hosting is a great option for those looking to host their one page website.

Our one-page hosting service offers unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and domain name registration. You can even use your own domain name with our custom DNS settings!
We offer unlimited bandwidth so that you never run into problems with loading speeds again! Plus, we make sure that everything loads quickly by using only the latest technologies available today. Our servers are always up-to-date so that when new technology comes out tomorrow, we already have it ready for use!

With our building technology, you can immediately see your single  page website on screen, as it will appear online to your visitors. Our tools are fun and intuitive so that learning takes place as quickly as possible and that the site creation experience is always pleasant.

Our predefined templates allow you to create a complete one page site from start to finish without outside intervention. You are the one who builds and maintains your site, so you don’t have to pay someone else! With us, you will be able to create a free internet page guaranteed without ads.

We also offer you all the web design features that will allow you to create a one page website, ergonomic and pleasant to consult: tools such as separators, anchors to create links to a specific section of the website page, or the screen width option for your location maps, videos, and images.

Build an efficient single page site with us. We provide you with all the tools that will allow you to have a friendly one page site and all the functions that will give you the possibility of making it known. These include a Social module to distribute it on social networks, SEO tools to optimize your ranking on Google, or even the possibility of creating emailing campaigns if that corresponds to your needs.

Our one page site templates will serve as templates for your simple website creation. You can also consult our dedicated guides to have access to a one page site tutorial. We are here to guide you and help you make a website simple.

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One page Website Price

The price

Two of the most critical factors are price and experience. You may find a free solution appealing if your business is small and you have limited resources. We make achieving professional results quite simple with our hosting and one-page design services.

One page touch Website

Ease of use

One page websites should offer a wide range of options and an interactive interface that allows customers to find the information they seek with ease. An easy-to-use menu is fundamental to good web design. The key to building a successful website is making sure the customers can easily find information about products, book appointments, and find contact information.

Responsive one page website

Visually impressive

Because the first impression is often decisive, your website's visual aspect is essential. Like your business, your website must reflect your professionalism and seriousness. The first impression of the Internet user is often decisive. When creating your one-page website, we can help you take care of the presentation, the design to please the user, to make him want to stay on the site.

Mobile compatibility

Mobile compatibility

The site's compatibility with all media types (desktop pc, notebook, tablet, smartphone), enabled by an adaptive design - responsive web design - has become essential to be well referenced on Google and for users' reading comfort.

SEO & Security

SEO & Security

One of the keys to a successful website is security and SEO. If you have both, people will be able to find your site on google first before others do!

Easy to maintain

Easy to maintain

One page sites are perfect for those who want an affordable, low maintenance way of keeping up with their online presence without hassle; they don't even need coding skills which means if you know how to use WordPress, then one is all you'll ever need.

During the process of determining a good website design for your business, make a list of the top features that your customers want to know about your company while they visit your website. Where do you want them to come to the conclusion that this is the business that really matters to them? Provide visitors with clear and accurate information to make them feel confident. For best results, contact us today.

It is very difficult to have a professional website without having the necessary knowledge. If you are not an expert in this field, it will be complicated for you to know how to create your own site and make it known.

We offer you all of our experience so that you can have a simple one-page site with all the features that correspond to your needs. You just need to choose the template that best suits your business and we will take care of everything else for free!

With us, creating a single-page site is as easy as pie! All of our functionalities are available at no cost and, if there’s something more than what we offer, then it’s possible for us to customize them according to your wishes.

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Single page website tutorial

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One page Website SEO Tips

One page Website SEO Tips

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One page Website security

One page Website security

Do you know how many pages your site has? One page, that’s it! But what if someone wants to hack into your website or steal your content? Can they do it with only one page? A single-page website is a security vulnerability because there are no other pages. Check this article to secure your one page Website

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